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Year 2000.


Dear friends,

Thanks for your interest in our site and we hope that you will like it. We decided that every sixth month we will give a new look to our site.

A web site is not possible to complete without the help from lot of peoples, as it requires lot of material and contents. And particularly site like this with lot of java scripts and applets, we have to take help from friends to complete it with great effects.

If we will not recognize and thanks those who helped in this site, It will be a ungrateful gesture. So We want to take this opportunity to thank these friends. Particularly Mr.Peter Gehring (whose script is shown at the bottom for text fading effect) for granting us permission to use this script.

We also want to thanks Matt Kruse for providing us window type menu applet. We also want to thanks Mr.Ashish of inwiz.com and Mr.Bharatbhai for their help.

And last not the least, thanks to all of you for providing me support and writing me regularly for improving the site. As this site is designed by myself.

Hope you will send me your comments.


Your's Truely,

Sanjeev Goyal.
Managing Director,
Mitsu Stationery Limited.

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